The 'Buzz' works


Eggs of your choice: poached, fried or scrambled. Robertson's dry-cured bacon, pork sausage, tomato, mushrooms, potato scone, black pudding, haggis, beans, toast

Vegetarian breakfast V


Eggs of your choice: poached, fried or scrambled. Tomato, mushrooms, potato scone, beans, toast

Light breakfast


Eggs of your choice: poached, fried or scrambled. Robertson's dry-cured bacon, pork sausage, tomato, toast

Filled breakfast roll


Choose from Robertson's bacon, sausage or egg of your choice

Add an extra item – £0.95

Smoked salmon & scrambled egg


Served on hot buttered brown bread

French toast – £4.95

With maple syrup

Add crisp Canadian bacon – £1.00

Buttermilk pancakes


With syrup

Add crisp Canadian bacon – £1.00

Porridge oats


With cream & heather honey

Add banana / berry compote – £0.95


Eggs benedict


Soft-poached eggs, crisp maple cured bacon, creamy hollandaise on toasted Bakehouse muffins

Eggs royale


Soft-poached eggs, oak smoked salmon, hollandaise on toasted Bakehouse muffins

Huevos benedictos


Smashed avocado with two free-range poached eggs and a chilli & chorizo hollandaise


Add an extra little something to any dish on our breakfast menu



Crisp Canadian bacon


Pots of beans








Potato scone


Smoked salmon



Black coffee


A classic long black coffee made with real espresso



A small but intense coffee served black in a demitasse cup

Espresso con panna


Small, strong and sweet. Full bodied espresso topped with whipped cream



Espresso topped with foamed milk

Double espresso


A black coffee, but with double the strength



Espresso with added hot water

White coffee


Espresso combined with hot milk

Brown coffee


A classic black coffee topped with hot milk



A classic combination of espresso smoothed out with equal quantities of steamed milk and foamed milk topped with chocolate



A delicious medley of pure espresso and real chocolate filled with steamed milk and topped with a swirl of whipped cream

Latte – 2.65

A long refreshing coffee made with espresso and steamed milk served in a tall glass and served with a small amount of foamed milk to seal in the warmth

Teas & Hot Chocolate



Served in a China pot

Herbal tea


A refreshing tea infused with delicious flavours

Choose from:

Green | Peppermint | Chamomile

Earl grey tea


The bergamot fruit creates the fragrant taste and aroma of this relaxing, yet uplifting drink

Hot chocolate


A tasty chocolate treat especially for the sweet-toothed, OR try it with marshmallows & cream – £0.25

Strengthen your coffee – £0.50

For those who enjoy an extra-strong coffee, add an extra shot to the coffee of your choice

Add some flavour – £0.60

Caramel | Hazelnut | Vanilla

Go large – £0.50


Berry blast


Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & apple

Tropical twist


Pineapple, mango, banana & apple

Smoothie of the day


Please ask your server for today's smoothie