Beetroot & Truffle Cream Cheese – 6.95

Whipped vegan cream cheese with truffle & soft herbs, Roasted & pickled beets,

candied walnuts crunch, herb oil

Summer Salad – 5.95

Tomato & pickled cucumber salad, fennel, crisp leaf, spiced tomato dressing, ciabatta

Charred Greens – 5.95

Asparagus & tender stem, chilli roasted peanuts, spicy dressing

Mushrooms on Toast – 6.45

Sautéed wild mushrooms, truffle & soft herb vegan cream, garlic ciabatta

Tempura – 6.75/12.00

Crispy vegetables in a light tempura batter, sweet chilli dip, vegan miso mayo


Beyond Meat Burger – 14.45

Chipotle mayo, crispy onions, crunchy slaw, vegan bun & fries

Nagasaki Crunch – 11.50

Black sesame & chilli crusted vegetables, fragrant rice, ginger greens, sweet chilli dressing

Tortilla – 10.95

Charred vegetables, creamy guacamole, crisp gem,fresh tomato & chilli salsa, fries

Indonesian Vegetable Curry – 12.95

Lemon scented jasmine rice, saffron oil, handmade roti


Blackcurrant Parfait – 6.95

Summer berries & raspberry sorbet

Summer Fruits – 6.95

Refreshing sorbet

Warm Chocolate Brownie – 5.95

Vegan ice cream & chocolate sauce

Coupe Noir – 5.95

Vegan ice cream & chocolate sauce

Affogato – 5.45

Vegan ice cream & chocolate sauce

Food Allergens & Intolerances

Our products are made with ingredients that contain allergens. Please note, we use shared cooking environments and equipment may be used for animal based foods. Please speak to our staff about your requirements before ordering.